Full Package T-Shirt Fulfillment

Sync your Shopify store and let us handle the rest.

With our fulfillment services your business can focus on design and marketing while we print, finish, inventory and ship your products.

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What We Offer

Print only when you need it.

  • Get Started
  • Place you first fulfillment order.
  • Select what apparel you would like your products printed on.
  • Choose what products you would like us to fulfill for you.
  • Your orders will now be shipped as orders start flowing in.

Holding Inventory

  • Place an order with one of our representatives.
  • Once printed a representative will sync your store manually.
  • Any orders are placed through your online stores will then be shipped out when your customers order.

Turn Around

  • Any customer that is holding inventory can expect a 2-3 business day turnaround time on fully stocked items.
  • Your customers receive automated tracking emails..
  • Returns and Exchanges handled at your direction.

DTG Benefits

Water Based

Our Eco-Friendly waterbased inks soak into the fabric to create a soft natural feeling print.

Low Minimums

Order small batched for each design or try a pre-order to limit your risk.

Local printing

Local LA printing means that you no longer have to hold large amounts of inventory. We can print only the apparel variants that your customers order.

No Color Limit

You can print any image using the DTG process for the same price.

Screen Printing Benefits


Professional quality production with industry leading standards.

25 pcs Minimum

You can order as 25pcs to benefit from the cost savings of screen printing.

Low Cost

Mass production allows us to create more t-shirts faster. So we have a sliding price scale to pass the benefit along to you.

Faster Shipping

Screen Printed orders are held in inventory for fast handling.

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